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Broccolino's Classics Our Famous Pasta
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Please note that this is only a small subset of the menu. We have resumed it in order to show you the best dishes we prepare at Broccolino.


Calamaretti Broccolino
Fried squids sauted with wine and onion
$ 11,90
Braided mozzarella with tomato, basil and olive oil
$ 11,90
Bruschetta Romana
Garlic bread with olive oil, like at Rome. Wonderful!
$ 3,50

Our famous Pasta

Pasta Asciutta: Spaghetti & Rigatoni
Pasta Fresca: Ravioles, Sorrentinos, Agnellotti, Gnocchi, Tagliatelle Verdi, Fusilli
These pasta may be served with the following sauces
Profumo di Mare
With seafood, white sauce and shrimps
$ 12,90
Dr. Zhivago
A caviar and salmon sauce with a touch of tomato
$ 13,90
Basil, garlic and mushrooms
$ 11,90
De Morillas
A special kind of mushrooms, whose name is "Morchella Vulgaris". Primus inter pares!
$ 15,90
Alla Puttanesca
Spicy tomato sauce, ham and olives
$ 9,80
A revolution in sauces. Spicy tomato sauce and broccoli
$ 9,80
Aglio e Olio con Peperoncino
Oil, garlic and a little bit of chili
$ 6,90
Cannelloni di Ricotta e Verdura
Rolled pasta sheet with ricotta and green vegetable in tomato and white sauce
$ 9,90
Al Pesto Crema
Basil, nuts, cheese paste with cream
$ 9,90

Fish & Seafood

Sole with Shrimp Sauce
$ 15,90
Filet of Black Hake on a Bed of Tomatos
A subtle taste
$ 15,90


Satan Passion
Friends, Satan would not give this receipe to anyone, but Antonio discovered it
$ 17,90
Saltimbocca alla Romana
Scalloped beef stewed with ham and sage
$ 12,90
Lomo alla Pimienta
Beef filet sauted with pepper sauce and potatoes in cream sauce
$ 15,90


Pechuguitas al Funghetto
Chicken breasts with mushroom, cream sauce, mashed potatoes
$ 13,90
Pechuguitas al Ajillo
Chicken breasts with garlic and french fries
$ 11,90

Broccolino's Classics

Trippa alla Moda di Broccolino
No comparison. Excellent
$ 7,90
Lentejas Broccolino
The classic Broccolino Lentils
$ 7,90
Riso con Calamari
Antonio suggetst to make a blend before eating
$ 6,90
Polenta Broccolino
A "fuoriserie" Broccolino that beats the cold
$ 6,90


No cheese, but very tasty
$ 7,90
The classic one
$ 9,90
Very good
$ 12,30
Mozzarella cheese, tomato and garlic
$ 13,30
Viva l'Amore e la Pancia Piena!
Ask the waiter
$ 12,90
Calzone Napolitano
Rolled pizza
$ 15,90


Great Broccolino
Hearts of palm, egg, string bean, onion, etc
$ 10,90
Radicchio, tomato and onion
$ 7,70
Apple, celery, nuts, lemmon and cream
$ 10,90
String bean, beet and eggs
$ 6,90


Peccato di Cardinale
Banana split, bitter chocolate and Tiramis?
$ 9,90
Flan Casero
Egg custard. Mary's  secret
$ 5,90
Fruit Salad
$ 5,90
Fruit Salad with Ice Cream
More refreshing
$ 7,90
Italian dessert "semifreddo". Delicious
$ 6,90

Red Wines

Bodegas Chandon
Clos du Moulin Magnum (1.500 cc) $ 29,90
Clos du Moulin $ 15,90
Bodegas Bianchi
Bianchi Borgo?a $ 11,90
Bodegas San Telmo
Cavernet Sauvignon $ 15,90
Bodegas Trapiche
Malbec $ 7,70

White Wines

Bodegas L?pez
Rinc?n Famoso $ 9,90
Bodegas Suter
Suter Etiqueta Marr?n $ 12,90

Rose Wines

Bodegas Cavas de Weinert
Montefleury Gran Rose $ 13,90
Dise?ado por Gar?n & Asociados

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