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Broccolino is a word derived from a funny translation of Brooklyn by the first Italian immigrants to New York City. 

The idea of Broccolino is a creation of experiences from the most well-known restaurants in Milan, Venice, New York, and Miami. 

Broccolino wants to provide well-elaborated dishes that give the original essence of Italy through its unique and undeniable flavors. 

With a variety of food offered on our menu, we also have a complete wine list carefully selected from the most popular winery in Italy. The result is to give our patrons a comprehensive pairing of the taste of Italy through food and wine.

Broccolino’s atmosphere is refined and pleasant where its patrons can experience the real Italian cuisine along with its friendly staff. Located conveniently near the New Barclay Center, it’s the perfect spot to stop at to enjoy a taste of Italy before or after an event.

So, what are you waiting for!? Come on over to Broccolino for an authentic Italian experience!!!